Buddy Gharring

Buddy likes to joke that he identifies more as a “spiritual sherpa” than as a pastor- the word pastor just has too much baggage, right? For Buddy, this journey of spirituality discovery is one that we are all on together, we are all collaborators in what John Wesley would call “this constant work of theological renewal.” Some of Buddy’s passions include reading up on trends in counseling and psychology, meditation, mountain biking, and craft coffee and beer.

Buddy works under the appointment of Duane Anders and the coaching of Dana Hicks.

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Etha Carruthers

Our Church Administrator Etha has a deep faith and just knows God is always present … with everyone. She also has passion for details, numbers, and most of all connecting people with resources. Her favorite thing to do at the church office is to offer a sense of hope, welcome, and belonging to all. Music, camping, hiking, kayaking, and a strong sense of social justice fill her free time.

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Brenda Manning

Our music director Brenda is a person to know! She's passionate about music, but even more passionate about people. Leading choirs, playing 3+ instruments on any given Sunday, and organizing community concerts and teaching music lessons on top of it, you can always find Brenda at the intersection of people and music.

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